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Prestatyn Beach, North Wales.

Group Life Assurance

Prestatyn Beach, North Wales

A cost-effective way to recruit and keep the best employees

Attracting the right calibre of new employee – and then keeping them – is one of almost all businesses’ biggest challenges. Offering life assurance as part of an overall benefit package is an attractive, cost-effective way of making sure you stand out among your competitors.

Group life insurance pays a tax-free lump sum to the family of any employee who dies while employed by your company. Some policies offer valuable additional benefits, such as bereavement counselling or practical helplines advising on everything from funeral arrangements to probate, should the worst happen.

More than half (57%) of workers polled in 2017 said they were worried about their family’s financial security should they die. So group life assurance is a high visibility benefit that is greatly valued by the best employees.

From the business-owner’s point of view group cover offers a host of advantages. As well as attracting the highest quality of employee, it reduces anxiety, increasing focus, productivity and general wellness. And it ensures that, should the worst happen, you know that your company will be seen to have acted in an exemplary way. In a sensitive situation you’ll be able to show that you’re the kind of company that does the right thing.

And, happily, it doesn’t need to be a major addition to your ongoing costs.

But it’s important that you get the right cover (and for the right price). At Graham Carter & Co. we’ve over 50 years’ experience working with businesses of all sizes, and we know that what’s a great solution for one might not be ideal for another. We’ll listen to your needs and concerns and find out about your company’s situation before giving any advice.  And then, as we’re wholly independent, we can look at the whole market – sourcing a solution that’s right for you, before implementing it with the minimum of fuss.

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