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Hillside at Lyme Park, Disley

Pension Review Service

Hillside at Lyme Park, Disley

Helping make sure your pension plans are on track to deliver the retirement you want

If there’s one thing that’s certain in life, it’s that things change. And while, like everything else, our retirement goals alter over time, our pension plans often don’t catch up.

Since you set up your pension you may have decided you want to retire earlier, or later, than you first thought. You might have decided you’d like more retirement income, or can make do with less. Depending on how your investments have performed you may be thinking about taking less, or more, risk with your savings.

And, with people typically having several different jobs during their careers these days, you can easily end up with a number of smaller pension pots. These may work harder for you, and at lower cost, if you merge them into a single, more flexible, pension plan (pensions consolidation).

“If you have several smaller pensions we might recommend consolidating them into a single, streamlined plan.”

Even if your retirement goals haven’t changed much over the years, the pensions landscape certainly has. With the new pension freedoms– which give you much more flexibility over how you can access your savings – a plan put into place only a few years ago might not now be the the best, most flexible or best value available to make the kind of retirement you want a reality.

It all means that it’s wise to keep your pension plans under regular review, so that you’re confident your retirement savings are always working as hard as they can and that there aren’t any nasty surprises waiting down the line.

Time to give your retirement plans a health check

At Graham Carter & Co. we offer a comprehensive, personalised pension review service. We’ll start, as we always do, by listening carefully. We’ll find out what your retirement goals are now, and use information about your current pension pots, together with your other assets and savings, in our lifetime cash-flow planning software. Only once we’ve got the full financial picture will we give you wholly independent, jargon-free advice about whether your retirement strategy is still on track to deliver the kind of pension income you’ll need for the retirement you want.

If you have several smaller pensions we might recommend consolidating them into a single, streamlined plan which might give you greater flexibility at a lower ongoing cost. We’ll look at whether your investments are performing as well as they might be, and at a level of risk that’s right for you. And we’ll look at what you can expect from the state pension and give you advice about ‘topping up’ by replacing any missed National Insurance payments.

And as fully independent Chartered Financial Planners we’ve got a whole market view which means we can look at the full range of products out there, not just the very limited options that a high-street bank or insurance company might offer you.

We’re there for the whole journey

At Graham Carter & Co. we’ve 50 years’ experience helping a wide variety of clients realise their retirement plans.

We’ll make sure that you’re on the road to achieving your retirement goals, banishing those niggling worries about whether you’re fully prepared for the future and giving you the peace of mind to get on with the here and now.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to find out if your retirement strategy is still the right one for you.

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