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Hart Hill, Cheshire.

Retirement Income Planning

Hart Hill, Cheshire

Helping make sure your savings work as hard as they can, for as long as they need to

The decisions you make about how to take your pension income once you do retire have financial consequences that will last for the rest of your life. It’s important to get the right, independent, advice, so you can be sure you’ll have the freedom to enjoy the retirement you’ve planned for with the security of a continued income.

At Graham Carter & Co. we’ll take a holistic view of your immediate retirement plans. We’ll take into account your pension savings as well as your other investments and assets. We’ll listen carefully to you about what kind of retirement you’re planning for and then, once we’ve got the complete picture, we’ll formulate a plan on how you can best maximise the income from your pension savings to achieve your goals.

We can give advice on taking tax-free lump sums (or whether it might be best to leave them invested), whether an annuity is right for you, or whether income drawdown, where you directly access your pension pot, might be a suitable option as all, or a part, of your plan. You might be considering delaying taking all or some of your pension, or you might want to know if your savings might already take you further than you thought, even making an earlier retirement possible.

With our 50 years’ experience in pension planning for all kinds of clients, we’ll work hard to tailor a solution specifically for you, one that makes sure you can enjoy the retirement you’ve been saving for.

Drawdown - Annuity - Lump Sums . . . Help!

With the new pension freedoms people can now access their retirement incomes in all kinds of different ways. It’s good news, giving you more flexibility and choice. 

But the vastly increased range of options can make coming to a decision about what strategy would be best for you seem overwhelming, and it introduces some new risks that you need to know about.

While a few years ago the majority of people with a personal pension simply bought an annuity, which guarantees a set monthly income for life, now income drawdown (where your savings remain invested and you can withdraw money whenever you need it) is an increasingly popular strategy as all or part of a retirement plan.

We’ll help you navigate the jargon, weigh up the options and decide on a plan that provides security, peace of mind and the opportunity to enjoy the retirement you always imagined.

And after you’ve retired we can advise on managing your investments, vital if drawdown is all or part of your retirement income.

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