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Investment advice and wealth management.

Investment Advice And Wealth Management

Chester Meadows from Dee Lane

Helping you grow your wealth and protect your future

Having some money to invest is, of course, a great thing. It provides both security and the promise of future growth. But it brings with it its own set of worries. Is inflation eating away at the real value of your wealth? Are your investments too risky? Or with a little more exposure, could your returns be significantly increased?

At Graham Carter & Co. we’ve half a century of experience helping investors of all kinds, both large and small, nurture their savings and safeguard their financial futures.

Many of our clients come to us looking to increase the returns they can get on their savings, particularly in today’s low interest rate environment, where inflation is constantly nibbling away at their nest egg, reducing its value year after year. Others may have recently come into a sum of money, perhaps through an inheritance, business sale or after downsizing their property, and would like to explore the best strategies to protect their wealth and potentially increase their returns.

“Constantly monitor, review and adjust your portfolio to make sure it’s performing as expected.”

But for all our clients Graham Carter & Co.’s time-tested core investment process remains the same. We start by listening carefully to what you’d like to achieve and look at your complete financial picture. We’ll explore exactly what your attitude to risk is, what time-frame you are considering (ideally all investments should be held for a minimum of 5 years) and when you might want to access some or all of your money – perhaps for a specific purpose such as school fees, children’s marriages or to supplement your retirement income.

Once we really understand your financial situation and your individual goals we’ll research, construct and seamlessly implement a well diversified investment strategy tailored specifically to you.

Each portfolio is regularly reviewed and has strict targets that must be met in regards to both performance and risk.

A hassle-free process and expert, genuinely independent advice

Our investment process is designed to be thorough, but as stress-free as possible. At our initial meeting (which is always free and carries no obligation) we’ll find out about the kind of investor you are, your attitude to risk and the financial goals you wish to achieve.

Then we’ll use our extensive market insight, state-of-the-art financial planning software and experience to construct a solution that fits your risk profile and is best placed to meet your requirements. As we’re fully independent, we have a whole market view, with access to thousands more options than a high street bank or other tied provider will be able to recommend.

We’ll implement the strategy with a minimum of fuss and then constantly monitor, review and adjust your portfolio to make sure it’s performing as expected and your money is working as hard as it can for you.

(And for clients who may have smaller amounts to invest, where the costs of ongoing financial advice is not justified by the potential returns, we’re proud to offer Managed Direct, a fully managed online investment service. Please click here for further details.)

At Graham Carter & Co. we really believe that personal financial planning is just that – personal. As a small, well-established family firm of Chartered Financial Planners we look at each client as an individual, and offer a friendly, professional, personalised service carefully tailored to their specific needs. (And as we don’t have the marketing overheads of our larger rivals we’re confident you’ll find us more than competitive when it comes to our charges.)

It’s why people have been trusting us to help them invest their money for fifty years.

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